Introducing NutraBoost

An advanced and natural powder beverage formulated by scientists and nutritionists. Show some love for your good bacteria and get that great gut feeling you deserve

Discover Gut Wellness

The microbes in our gut influence health and energy metabolism. Prebiotics and probiotics has beneficial effects on gut health while poor diet while some medication has the opposite effect.

Ingredients & Benefits

We source high-quality and sustainable ingredients from all over the world

Saccharomyces Boulardii
Stimulates the immune system, acts as an antimicrobial and improves metabolism in the intestines

Acacia Gum
Works as a prebiotic to improve gut health

Pea Protein
Protein source for people with nut allergies and lactose intolerance

Tapioca Flour
Replaces high fats which gives NutraBoost a rich, indulgent and creamy texture

Oat Flour
Source of fiber and beta-glucan from the whole oat contributes to better heart health

Contains compounds called polyphenols that have prebiotic actions to influence gut health

Our Trusted Experts

Ella Gale

We developed NutraBoost ​​here in the UK and are proud that it is nutritionally balanced and optimised to deliver an effective gut health products with multiple benefits

Dr. Suriya Osman

I am happy with NutraBoost  as it is a clean-label product with good nutritional profile. It doesn’t even use fillers like maltodextrin

Dr. Shamsul Akmar

NutraBoost has been developed with care and extensive research to offer consumers a product that is scientifically sound and trusted

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